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The importance of strengthening the link between business and education

The foundation of any business is built on education. Whenever a country invests more money into its schools and colleges its economy will later grow as a result. Although the world’s best entrepreneurs often do not have the highest level of education, they are still well educated in languages, culture, math, economics and politics. Often, a broad education is more beneficial to business than a specific one.

The original purpose of education was to prepare young adults for work. Learning to read, write, and perform simple calculations was considered vital for every business. But is education a route to business success?

Attending a top school often provides aspirational businessmen and women to go on to successful careers. While this is partly due to academic success, what must not be overlooked is the power of networking. Many top schools will have very close links with business and industry and they often organize mini trade fairs to introduce students to businesses and recruiters. Although the years spent studying provided the skillset for employment, it is the networking opportunities that some schools provide that help somebody secure their first role

It is for this reason that it is vital to build strong links between education establishments and the employment world. Education should be preparing children for work. Even if they first plan to go on to higher education, there should be resources available to help children understand how their skills and knowledge can be transferred to the business world.

It is important that students are given realistic and practical skills which will be applicable to their future employment. Much of what is taught in school provides a foundation for further education but does not prepare children for real work.

A stronger co-operation between businesses and educational institutes can facilitate this. There are already many schools bridging this gap by bringing in business leaders to speak to students directly.

Some entrepreneurs are very involved in improving education, as they recognize the importance of this relationship. For example, Robert Rosenkranz has made substantial donations to Yale and to public lecture and debate series. He combines his personal interests in business, the arts, and public policy to help engage children and young adults; to make them question what their role in society will be after completing their education.

Many secondary schools operated successful work experience programs in which children spend a few weeks working for a local company. This experience can help lead to a permanent role within a company.

Education needs to be a balancing act between providing students with real world skills and providing a well-rounded education. Education is the foundation for future growth. Whether a child goes on to further education or paid employment, their education will carry them forward.

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