The Management Mistakes of Donald Trump

It’s been over a year since Donald Trump was elected into the White House by the American public. In that time, he’s survived repeated controversies around his attitude towards women, his private business dealings, his relationships with Russian officials and his countless social media outbursts.

Despite all of the controversy during his time in office however, there are signs that the US is seeing something of an economic resurgence. Employment rates are on the increase, the stock market has seen historic rises and small businesses are thriving under his leadership. So, could Trump’s first year be considered a success? And can you call the US President a good leader?

While the jury may be out on the success of his presidency, management experts have been taking a look at his style of leadership, particularly in light of revelations from Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’, which has taken the country by storm.

In his book, Wolff reveals a huge amount about Trump’s management style and how he is thought of by his staff and colleagues, and it doesn’t paint a particularly strong picture of the man in charge. Taking his insights, London-based training specialists STL have put together an infographic that highlights six key management mistakes Trump is making, including:

  • Undermining his employees, both in public and private settings
  • Allowing his staff to turn on one another during difficult times
  • Repeatedly going off brand message
  • Putting a higher value on personal loyalty than on overall strategy
  • Refusing to delegate important decisions to those with higher expertise
  • Trusting his gut instinct instead of expert opinions

These six mistakes would be worrying for anyone in a managerial or leadership role, but for the President of the United States, they could come with serious consequences.

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