The Men’s Mini-Guide For Dressing For Success

Hey guys, whether you are dressing for work, dressing for a job interview, or you are a single guy dressing for a night out, you need to dress to impress. Employers want to hire and keep employees that give a good name to their business, which means they want people that look the part.


You won’t get a job as a jewelry salesman showing up in jeans. You’re also unlikely to get the girl if you are looking like a slob. These are just a couple of the reasons why it is important to learn how to dress for success.


Another good reason is that looking good also helps you feel better about yourself. It may give you that extra boost of confidence it takes to get that dream job or that dream girl.


Looking Good For The Job


Even if you already have the job, it doesn’t hurt to dress it up every once in a while, depending on what you do for a living. A suit and tie for a salesman or someone that works in an office is perfect attire.


If you are heading for an interview always dress up from the job you are going for. It really doesn’t hurt to wear a suit. In fact, it is recommended that men have a nice conservative suit, in either gray or dark navy. Always pair it with a long sleeved shirt that button down.


If the job you are applying to really doesn’t call for a suit and tie, you still should dress nice. Wear nothing less than a polo or short sleeved button-down shirt, and a pair of khakis.


Looking Good For The Ladies


First date or last date, women like a man that cares about how he looks. There are certain things guys should always do when it comes time for a first date though, like wear a tie and a pair of shoes that aren’t dirty and scuffed up.


Obviously some dates will require you dress down, such as a picnic or a hike, but if you are going to a club, movie or the opera, make it count and dress nice so she’s proud to be there with you.


Adding A Little Something Extra


Always do more than just dress nice. Add a nice accessory, like a watch or a tie clip.

Even make it a goal to dress better than your significant other, but don’t necessarily let them know that.


You can work towards this great look by paying attention to the latest fashions, such as bracelets for men. Where new clothes, keep your leather shoes polished, and always be well groomed.


Not only will you feel more confident on the job or while you are interviewing, but you’ll also attract the eye of many ladies.


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