The Only Beauty Advice You Will Ever Need

Every woman wishes to have that ultimate gorgeous look without spending too much time getting prepared. Contrary to what men think, a good beauty regimen among ladies does not have to take too long. Most women would like to get glammed up quickly. The amount of time usually depends on the details of your desired look. Fortunately for women (and men), there are several quick and easy ways on how to achieve those smoky eyes and perfectly puckered-up kissers. For a sexy come-hither stare, using a long-wearing eyeshadow should do the trick. It has been common knowledge that accentuating your face should only focus on one part. This means if you want to have a pair of red hot lips, go for a mild eye makeup to balance the bold color.

It is quite easy to be swayed with what you see on magazines and print ads, but the best beauty advice you can ever receive still remains the basic rules on beauty maintenance. Here are some of the many beauty tips and tricks that you can do at any occasion, especially when you are in a hurry:

Eyeliner do’s

Keep your eyeliner in the freezer for 15 minutes before applying it. This allows you to glide it effortlessly when you use it. For a pair of smoldering eyes, use a black eyeliner to line the rims of your lower and upper eyelashes.

Ice for acne and wrinkle prevention

Gently rub an entire ice cube over your face before you sleep at night. This would prevent wrinkles and acne. It would also help control an increase in fat cells.

Longer-lasting nail polish

Extend the lifespan of your painted nails by applying an acetone-based cleanser before putting on polish. The cleanser eliminates excess dirt or any unwanted stuff that prevents the nail polish to stick well.

Wear sunblock

Applying sunscreen every day is a great benefit for your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the use of sunblock even when there’s no sun during the day. Eighty percent of the sun’s harmful rays can still penetrate through the clouds, so it is good to carry a bottle when going out.

Tame those eyebrows

Are you always frustrated with messy eyebrows? Putting hairspray on a clean and finely bristled toothbrush is the answer to that. Brush them according to your desired look using this style tip.

Fake a tan

You don’t need to spend countless hours at the beach to gain a perfectly tanned complexion. Applying a combination of liquid bronzer and body-firming cream would give your skin that sun-kissed look for a short period of time.

Improvise on blotting paper

If you ran out of oil-blotting films, use a clean piece from a toilet-seat cloth cover that is usually found at the women’s restroom. This can substitute as an oil remover.

Leave a fragrant handshake

The next time you find yourself at a social gathering where shaking people’s hands is a must, spritz some of your favorite perfume on your palms. The fragrance would give off subtle hints of fragrance, leaving more than just a good first impression.

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