The Pros and Cons of Leasing Copy and Printing Machines

Running a business or an office has become a lot easier, with the options of either purchasing or leasing office equipment becoming more accessible. Depending on the needs and financial condition of the company, they can opt for any of the two equipment acquisition choices. There are both advantages and disadvantages when buying and leasing machines such as printers and photocopiers. The secret is to analyse each one of them to see if leasing or buying is the best course for your company. Here are some pros and cons for leasing equipment that you can consider.


  • The monthly cost of operating a printer or copier is fixed. The lessor will ask for a fixed monthly cost that has to be paid for using the machine. This will allow your office to set aside a budget for each machine.

  • The up-front cost of leasing is lower. You do not have to shell out money for the price of the machine. You only have to pay a certain amount as a deposit.

  • After the lease contract is up, you can lease newer models. This will allow your company to be updated in office equipment technology. There will be no obsolescence issues. Every printer or copier will reach its end of life, and you will have to replace it with a new model. It will result in losses on your part, as your previous equipment will no longer be useful.

  • Maintenance and repair costs are included in the lease contract. The leasing company will take care of maintaining and repairing the leased machine while it is in contract. You do not have to spend extra for repairs and maintenance anymore.


  • The cost of leasing may be more than the amount of the equipment itself. Leasing companies need to profit from leasing their printers and copiers, and other costs can add up over time, making it more costly to lease than to purchase. Determine if the need for the equipment will be short or long term.

  • Leasing companies will set parameters on contract termination, insurance and buyouts. You have to review their terms and conditions before agreeing to their stipulations. This is to see if their terms will be beneficial for you.

Scout for companies offering photocopier leasing in Newbury if you live in the area. Study their contract offers to land the best deal for your business equipment needs. You don’t have to give the green light to the first company that gives you an offer. You only have to be diligent in looking for the best printer or photocopier leasing company, and ensure they can offer everything you need.

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