This Summer Holiday, Learn The Art Of Packing Light

If you’re the kind of person who’s seemingly always jumping on and off of airplanes, traversing the countryside in a train or Greyhound, it is in your best interest to pay close attention to the way you pack. There are a variety of things that you can do to pack more efficiently, ensuring a smooth, frustration-free holiday, and using the three tips in this article you’ll be on your way to getting what you need out of your packing. The sooner you can figure out your packing situation, the sooner you can turn your attention to the fun stuff, like planning where to eat, so, with that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you pack light this summer vacation.

1: Pack only the necessities

You need to be sure that you take inventory of everything that you are bringing on the trip. If you’re over-packed, it will not only wear you down physically and energetically, you will also have to pay more money for weight overages or extra luggage, which takes money away from the more fun stuff. Packing necessities starts with finding multi-purpose clothes, like a pair of durable, dark pants or a merino wool t shirt that you can wear when you’re lounging around or when you’re somewhere fancy. Merino wool is particularly versatile, as it can be both breathable or insulating, depending on the weather you find yourself in, and is known to be quite sweat resistant (always a plus for holidays).

2: Invest in the best luggage that you can find

If you’re planning on flying, try to purchase a higher quality of luggage than the standard, to avoid things getting broken, and to ensure that the wheels on your suitcase don’t falter mid-trip. Make sure to research the brand of luggage you’re purchasing and be sure that the luggage has durable tags with your contact information listed just in case the luggage is misplaced en route. This is crucial since in recent years, about 2 million travelers experienced lost luggage.

3: Make sure to assess the weight of your belongings

Don’t just take the airline’s word for it when it comes to their limit – weigh your luggage before you even get to the airport. By knowing how much your luggage weighs, you’ll save yourself time (and probably money) at the check-in desk.

If you are interested in saving on some weight, think about the brand and type of clothes you are packing as well. Merino wool garments, as mentioned, allow you to pack light because they are often lightweight and intended to help travelers. Studies show that women over pack their luggage by 2/3rds any time they are headed out on holiday – think about whether you need that third sweater.

By following these tips, choosing versatile clothes, lightweight products and good quality luggage, you’ll be able to handle your packing efficiently, freeing you up to experience your vacation to the fullest.

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