Tips for Determining the Location of Security Cameras for Commercial Establishments

The location of security cameras is very important. We have heard of many cases in the past where crimes ended up not being recorded just because of the wrong placement of the cameras. Some of them were placed in areas where there was very limited coverage. Others were in really dark spaces and the footage was totally unclear. Here are some things to consider when determining the position of surveillance cameras.

Indoor and outdoor areas

For most businesses, having outdoor security cameras is logical. Criminals usually come from outside. However, it can also be an inside job. Therefore, employees have to be under surveillance as well, but it has to be done in such a way that their privacy is not invaded. It is also important to protect outdoor cameras as they might be affected by harsh weather conditions or they could be stolen by thieves.

Higher point

Whenever possible these cameras should be placed at a high point on a given property. This allows for more coverage. A wider angle can also be captured. The only downside is that as the camera is placed higher, the images become less clear. Facial details for instance are no longer as detailed as they should be. Identifying the suspects becomes difficult. Therefore, the cameras should be placed high enough to ensure coverage but not so high that the images are unclear.

Front door and back door

It might seem crazy that burglars attempt to commit crimes using the front door, but a lot of them actually do. They think that because it is a very obvious area to commit a crime, it is usually less secure. You should outsmart them by installing a camera at a high point near the front door, so it won’t be knocked off but will still be close enough to catch the criminals. The back door is also important. Most thieves try to enter from any rear entrance. If they can get over the wall, for example, they might be able to penetrate the back door. If they do so, the camera can help catch them.

Let experts assess the area

These are just some of the important tips in determining where to place security cameras. The truth is that experts know best. Hire experts in security since they know exactly what to do to ensure safety at the workplace. They will give suggestions on where to locate cameras. They will even provide information on what specific security cameras to buy.

If you need security in Oxford contact local security experts to do the job. Let them know how you wish to secure your workplace and they will give you the best suggestions.

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