Tips for Maintaining the Perfect Home Aquarium

So you’ve installed a new home aquarium. What now? Well, if you’re intent on keeping your aquarium looking fresh and your fish looking happy, now’s the time to immediately embark on a careful maintenance program. Don’t worry – this isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most of these methods can be set up to be self-regulating, and simply require regular monitoring to keep your tank ticking over.

Temperature Control

Specific types of fish and plants require specific temperatures in order to be able to survive comfortably in a domestic aquarium environment. It’s important to make sure that the fish and plants you include in your aquarium are all capable of living in the same temperature range – otherwise you may end up losing half your tank to cold or heat. When you go to stock your tank, make sure to have a word with a fish professional about the most appropriate species to pair together, and what temperatures they need to survive. Maintaining suitable temperatures is simply a matter of purchasing a water thermometer and adjusting your heating equipment accordingly.

Maintaining Water Quality

Water quality will also play a pivotal role in determining how well your fish and plants do in your aquarium. After all, you don’t just want your fish and plants to remain alive, you also want them to be happy and thrive.

One way to maintain water quality is to invest in an All Pond Solutions water treatment, which will help to keep your tank clean and the water pure. Doing so will help to prevent the growth of certain bacteria and parasites, which can affect your whole tank.

Another great way to maintain water quality is to purposefully include species of both fish and plant that actively work to purify the water by feeding off bacteria and algae. Some of these species aren’t very attractive, but can work wonders in an aquarium environment and help to safeguard the wellbeing of their entire aquatic environment.

Water Change and Filtration

You should always include a water filter in your home aquarium, but many people forget that the water in a fish tank also needs changing on a regular basis. This is to prevent the build-up of harmful waste and pollutants. But never fear – water changing doesn’t mean you have to drain you whole tank. Simply use a water change system with a siphon tube, which will remove a proportion of your tank’s water and replace it with new, without affecting your fish.

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