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Tips For Protecting Your Home And Health In Bad Weather

When bad weather strikes you may have a lot of notice or you may only have a little. While you can watch the radar and the weather channel there’s really no promise a storm will hit your home, or any notice of how much damage you may get if it does stirk your home.

That means it can be helpful to be prepared ahead of time. You don’t have to pretend the end of the world is coming in order to make sure your home and family are ready in case a weather disaster strikes.

Preparing For The Worst

It always helps to prepare for the worst, that way when it doesn’t happen you can feel relief. Or, when the worst does happen you know you did everything you can to protect your home and family. To start off your preparation, know that if your hometown says you need to evacuate then you should evacuate.

Don’t wait. If you have time you can pack up some of your important family documents, and of course get your pets. Even if you don’t have time to grab things, do not leave your pets behind. Take some time to watch the documentary MINE to understand the importance of not leaving your pets behind in case of weather emergencies (and grab the tissues).

Food And Safety

You’ll notice that when big weather is coming the shelves at the grocery store begin to look pretty bare. That’s because many people get panicked and buy up all the bottled water and bread they can. Instead of waiting until last minute like them, take some time to collect emergency stuff like this throughout the year.

Your safety stash should include bottled water, shelf stable food, emergency kits, and things like candles. Have batteries on hand as well. Watch expiration dates on everything regularly.

Getting Your Home Ready

You also want to prepare your home. The number one way to do this is to make sure if you live in an area prone to bad storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, you make sure your insurance covers damage from these things. Make sure you have lists and photos of your belongings, with their worth, saved in a firesafe as well.

When the storm is coming, it helps to prep your home. Turn off things like your water and secure large items, like your water heater. Make sure that your drainage systems are working and that your windows are all sealed up tight.

Don’t think you can ride out a storm if you’ve been told to evacuate. That simple mistake can get you killed. Always have a safety plan for yourself and your family. Know where to meet if you aren’t all together, have emergency cell phones, and practice your emergency routine regularly.

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