Tips For Starting Your Own Crafting Business

Whether you want to craft full time or you just want something to do on the side when you are not at work, people with a creative spirit are making a living at crafting and selling their creations and you can too.

If you do some research you can find many different businesses that started out in someone’s basement or garage and became world famous. While there’s no guarantee you’ll be the next sensation, you might make a little money and have some fun while you’re doing it.

Decide What You Want To Make

The first step is to decide what you want to do. Maybe you’re great at sewing and you want to make baby clothes or blankets or something else. Maybe you want to create homemade soaps and candles. There are tons of ideas out there.

What you want to do is find a niche that’s not already overly saturated. If you want to make homemade soaps look into what’s already being made and find something different that you can do with yours.

If you just repeat what someone else is doing you’re not likely to make much money. You need to offer them something different.

Come Up With A Business Plan

Your business plan is an important part of starting your own business. All businesses start out with a plan. Your plan should include your launch information, if you plan to sell online and where, ideas for a website, and more.

You’ll also want to take time to look into the laws in your area about crafting businesses. You may or may not need a business license, and it’s important to know the laws. Once you have that you can start ordering business cards, brochures and more.

If you plan to sell online you need to decide whether you strictly want to sell from your own website, or if you want to expand. Social media gives a place to sell to friends and family. Facebook has made it easy for sellers to post items.

You can also sell with Etsy, or look into other crafting sales sites. Maybe you want to sell in person and set up at local craft shows or even your local farmer’s market. Look into the cost for a space and get your inventory stocked up.

Know Where To Get Your Supplies

Supplies are an important part of any crafting business, and while you can probably order a lot online you want to make sure you are also putting money back into your own community by shopping local.

Do some research and find out what local stores carry the items you need on a regular basis and get familiar with their hours of operation so that when you need something last minute, you’ll know who’s open and who isn’t.

They say that when you do something you love you never work a day in your life. Making your favorite craft something you do for a living can help relieve stress and make you feel like you are accomplishing something fun every day!


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