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Tips on How to Clean an Extremely Messy House

Being away from your house for a few days will most likely lead to an unwanted surprise. You will see a home that is as messy as it gets. You will see clutter all over the place. It seems like no one lives in the house. The same thing happens when you are too busy with work and you forgot to clean for several days. It is like you are entering a war zone, and you have no choice but to start cleaning up. If you are facing this situation, these are some tips to help you with a house clean out.


Start by de-cluttering the floor


The reason why it feels like everything is a mess is that your floor seems crowded. Take out the dirty laundry scattered on the floor. Pick up pieces of paper. Return all books and magazines to the shelves. When you finish doing these tasks, you will realize that the rest is easy to deal with.


Do not hold back


When it is time to throw things away, you need to do so without trying to hold back. Do not be too sentimental in keeping some of them as they will only add to the clutter. Anything that you are not using anymore goes to the trash. If you want someone else to use them, you can have a separate box for donations.


Spend only five minutes in each room


If you have a lot of garbage to take care of, you cannot do it all in an hour. You might have to spend an entire day to finish the job. The best option is to spend only five minutes for every room in your house and maybe ten minutes for the living room. You can gradually clean the place instead of forcing yourself to return everything to where it used to be to avoid feeling frustrated.


Get help


You cannot do these tasks alone. If you were away from home for many days, your laundry might already be piling up. You can send it to a laundry service instead of doing the job yourself. The same thing is true when your trash is beyond control. You can ask for help from junk removal companies to come over and pick everything up. They will sort the garbage and throw it away. You can consider these services if you are the only one cleaning the house. You can start by asking for help from your family members.


Take one step at a time


You see this as a problem now because you are overthinking it. Try not to stress out and take one step at a time. Before you know it, you will have already finished doing the job. Find the tasks that you are in the mood to do first. For instance, you might want to prioritize the dishes; you can skip the rest and proceed to that area. The goal is to accomplish something that will help keep the house clean.


It is frustrating to go home to a messy place. Instead of venting out and getting angry, you can channel your anger into cleaning your house.


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