Tips to Stay Safe When Working Abroad as a Volunteer

When you decide to volunteer abroad to help other people, you are embarking on a challenging but rewarding adventure. You are spending your time away from home to be with people you do not even know.


The problem is that you might be in countries that are quite unsafe. They need you to be there, and it is an excellent idea to be a volunteer. The good thing is that if you choose the right partner like Volunteer abroad with Frontier, you will not be in a country where your life is at risk.


Despite that, you still need to learn to protect yourself and stay safe. These are some tips to help you.


Always keep an eye on your things


If possible, do not bring any valuables with you during this trip. Leave your expensive jewellery at home. You can bring your phone and credit cards, but you need to secure them in your bag. You are going to deprived places that are yet to see the luxuries of the world. You do not want to show them something that they might envy and steal. Do not assume that they will steal from you, but it is better to stay safe.


Scan all your documents


In case you lose your bag or wallet while travelling, it is crucial for you to scan all your documents. It is easy to seek help when you kept a digital copy of the papers; otherwise, you will be in trouble.


Get a health check-up


In some countries, you might even need vaccine shots before they grant your request for a visa. Besides, you do not want to volunteer abroad when you are not physically fit. You might be a burden for your team if you keep getting ill throughout the volunteer experience.


Dress appropriately


You might work in some places that are quite conservative. They are yet to see women wearing skimpy shorts or shirts that show off their cleavage. You need to cover your body fully. Your sexy outfit might also be offensive for some religions. Research first before you head to another country.


Avoid going out alone especially at night


When you need to purchase something from a local store, you need to ask someone to go with you. If you can go out with a local, it would be better. You might need help with translation. You also need someone to protect you from danger.


Update the people back home


You need to tell your family where you are and what you are doing. Let them know the exact address where you are staying and volunteering. Take photos of the surroundings. Call them so that they can see that you are okay, to prevent them from worrying.


Do not start a fight


You are in a foreign land. Learn how to apologise when you are wrong. Say thank you to the people who are kind to you. If someone insults you or tries to tease you, it is important to stay humble and leave the issue behind.


Anything can happen during your trip abroad, so it is essential that you stay safe.





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