TitleCard Capital – What Does an Investment Manager Do?

Investment managers form part of the high profile management teams in a great number of companies, hedge-funds and private equity firms around the world, such as private equity group TitleCard Capital. These men and women play key roles in these groups and they have a great amount of pressure on their shoulders. Each investment manager will be different depending on who they are working for an on what kind of fund they are working for, but ultimately the roles and responsibilities remain the same across the spectrum.

The Basics

Basically an investment manager is a person who makes investments for portfolios on behalf of clients. The parameters will always have been agreed in a dance and so the investment manager will make investments based on the rules that have been previously set out. Investment managers can manage ensure funds or they can also deal directly with individual clients in managing their portfolios.


Many investment managers will have a large amount of knowledge of a number of different markets but in the main they will usually have a specialization. For example let’s say that a private equity real estate firm requires an investment manager in order to make investments and sales on their behalf. In such a situation the group would always look out for someone who has a speciality when it comes to real estate investment. Investment managers that are working for groups such as private equity firms have a huge amount of responsibility and depending on the size of the fund, this will be a position which is shared between more than one person.

Roles and Duties

The investment managers key role is to stay on top of financial markets and ensure that they are making smart decisions on behalf of their clients. Investment managers are often confused with financial advisors and although there are some roles that cross over in both positions, there are in fact a great deal of differences between the two. Something which an investment manager does have to do is analyze huge amounts of data in order to make sure that they are making the best decisions on behalf of their clients and this takes up a great deal of their time.

Skills and Characteristics

Investment managers must be confident individuals who have an excellent understanding of financial markets, including their speciality. Beyond this investment managers also need to be able to process large amounts of data relating to financial markets and use their expertise to make intelligent predictions based on where the best place is for their client’s money.

Investment managers are often the most important people working for private equity groups and it is they who will make the key decisions as to when to buy and when to liquidate any assets. The success of of companies and clients relies on the ability of investment managers.

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