TME Enterprises – Top Tips On Making Your Resume Look Great

Getting a job is very important but what is far more important is getting the right job. If you have been trying and failing to get the job that you really want then perhaps it is time to review your resume, and spruce it up a little bit so that you can at least give yourself a better chance of getting invited in for an interview. In order to do this we spoke to the professionals at TME Enterprises about what writing the perfect resume looks like. Grab your resume and check out these tips for making it look better.

Sensible Format

On average resumes are scanned for around 25 seconds by hiring managers, which is not a great deal of time for you to make the impression that you would like. In order to boost your chances then you need to format your resume so that those 25 seconds that are spent reading through it, gives the hiring manager enough to understand what you are all about. Resumes that are 2 pages long or poorly organized will not get the attention you deserve and so you need to keep it succinct and to the point.


Writing about your job history should not be about writing out the job decryption of your previous employment, they should be written with regards to your accomplishments. When writing out the job you should focus on what you actually did in the job, what you achieved and what challenges your overcame.


The most common mistake when people write out their resume is that they fill it with industry jargon and generic statements which a hiring manager will read hundreds of times over. Instead of this you need to add some actual details about who you are and what your skills and strengths are. Try to be creative with the words that you use and when discussing your accomplishments, write out what the actual results were. Instead of simply saying that you implemented a new program, write out what that program delivered and don’t be afraid to include statistics such as dollar values.


You would think that the bare minimum which a resume requires would be good grammar and spelling but you’d be surprised at how many make this mistake, In some cases it is as the result of autocorrect on the computer which hasn’t been noticed. The problem with this however is that people make the error, fail to see it and then send the resume out to 30 different companies. If you do this then you will be thought of as having poor grammar or poor review skills and you won’t even get your foot in the door. You must read through in fine detail to make sure that there are absolutely zero errors on your resume. If your grammar is not a strong suit then make sure that someone reads it who does understand goo grammar and spelling.

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