Top 10 Jobs for College Students

Many college students look for great jobs they can keep while earning their degree – here is a list of the top ten jobs.

These days, many students attending college are looking for great jobs that they can maintain as they work towards earning their degree. As a college student, I have held a variety of jobs and have thus gained extensive knowledge regarding which positions can be personally and professionally advantageous for you. To get a better understanding regarding which jobs will likely prove most profitable or fun for you during your career while you are studying, review the quick reference guide that appears below:
1. Blogging.

Blogging is another wonderful job opportunity that students should consider engaging in. As an entrepreneurial endeavor that provides you the opportunity to work and rest whenever it is convenient for you, this job fits in well with the busy and perpetually shifting schedules of many university students. Another benefit of the blogging is that it affords you the ability to write about a topic that is of personal interest to you. Some of the numerous subjects that you can write a blog about include money, sports, fashion, freelance writing, politics, make-up, fitness, and self-improvement.


2. Vector Marketing.

If you’re serious about landing a job that can provide you with the opportunity to earn money and develop business skills, consider Vector Marketing. This company offers students the opportunity to sell Cutco products. These products are first-class knives, forks, peelers, and a plethora of other kitchen and home-related items. With Vector Marketing, you gain the opportunity to sell these wonderful products to people in your local community. In addition to generating revenue for yourself this way, you’ll obtain valuable business skills such as learning how to build communication skills with selling a valuable product, developing professional relationships with people in your field, and understanding how developing an entrepreneurial mindset can help facilitate financial freedom. Another wonderful benefit of working with a company like Vector is that 85% of their sales reps are students, meaning that they cater to this population group.


Any great opportunity, of course, attracts its fair-share of naysayers.  Some even say that companies like Vector are a scam, due to their performance-based pay program.  However,  you can view one former representative’s experience of whether Vector Marketing is a scam or not. Many of the individuals who talk about a Vector Marketing scam have not actually worked for the company, so be sure that you’re getting first-hand information before you decide whether this company is right for you. (Ultimately, there is no Vector Marketing scam.)

3. Server.

Working as a server in a restaurant is typically a good job option for students. One of the reasons is that many college students are interested in making money quickly and serving gives you the opportunity to do so through tips. Another benefit of working as a server in a restaurant is that it gives you the ability to move up the chain of command. Many restaurant managers began their career in the industry as servers. Even if you are not planning to pursue a career in the restaurant industry, the pay increase and job skills that you will attain through hard earned promotions can be very valuable to you.

4. Paid Internship.

Participating in a paid internship is one of the most personally and professionally rewarding jobs that a student can pursue. With this job option, students gain the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a field that interests them while making money at the same time. Keep in mind that many college students are hired for entry-level positions if they complete their internship with excellence.

5. Multi-level Marketing.

Multi-level marketing is a great job opportunity for students in college. This is the case for many reasons, including that it gives you the opportunity to generate an unlimited income rather than being subject to a fixed salary. Additionally, multi-level marketing provides students with the opportunity to develop important business skills such as effective communication and time management. With multi-level marketing, an individual sells a specific product and/or services to clients. At the same time, the individual invites other people to sell the goods as part of a team. Income is generated by both recruiting other individuals onto one’s team as well as commissions received from sales.
6. Retail.

Oftentimes, university students can do very well in pursuing jobs within the retail sector. In addition to offering flexible schedules, retail jobs present students with the opportunity to get discounts off products they need (such as clothing). Additionally, students can get entry-level positions within retail and work their way up to management positions if they so desire.

7. Academic Tutor.

Working as an academic tutor is a good idea for college students. In addition to offering competitive pay, work in this field can help to develop important transferable skills including emotional intelligence and effective communication. While satisfaction is gained from helping others achieve a new level of understanding and knowledge in challenging subjects, something else to consider is volunteer work or charity to benefit those with conditions the rest of us don’t have.

8. Babysitter.

Babysitting can be a good job opportunity for students in college. These jobs tend to pay relatively well and they also help students develop strong and meaningful relationships with people in their local community. Finally, babysitting is a skill-building enterprise that helps one learn how to interface effectively with people from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
9. Fitness Instructor.

Working as a fitness instructor is an incredibly fun and economically rewarding job for a university student. In addition to helping you stay physically fit and attractive, becoming a fitness instructor allows you to make money and positively contribute to the lives of others by helping them work towards optimal health and physical well-being.

10. Office Assistant.

Office assistant jobs are ideal for many college students. These positions offer competitive pay and also provide you with basic skills that can build a resume for almost any position you apply for in the future. Some of the skills you’ll learn as an office assistant include learning a corporate e-mail system, faxing, answering the phone, Excel, Microsoft Office, and many more.


If you’re a college student who is looking for a great job to maintain as you earn your degree, you should know that there are a wide variety of options available. While earning income is a necessity for students, it’s important to have summer work that is more than just about making money. By reviewing this short reference guide, you will likely find a job that is most suitable to your personal preferences and professional goals. Good luck!

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