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Top 3 Renovations to Consider Before Winter Arrives

Even with proper planning, renovation projects can be quite intense. You have to factor in a myriad of things, including contractor availability, materials, weather, costs, and more. Though some projects are fine to do during the winter, others are best handled before the snow begins to fall.

Refreshing the Exterior
It makes sense to do all outside renovations before the cold winds and snow force us inside. Therefore, carefully evaluate your home. Take some time to jot down what tweaks can be made that don’t need too many months of work.

Begin by observing the roof. Replacing shingles and sidings are as laborious as they are important. The last thing you want is to have a leaky roof in the middle of winter. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior or an overhaul of worn siding will not only transform the aesthetic but can increase your property value, as well.


If you have a fear of heights, it would be in your best interest to hire someone. Most professional painters can take up to a few days to finish this task. Construction projects, like extending or upgrading the deck, can be a pretty easy task, too, if you’ve planned properly for it. You can also build a shed in your backyard for small tools and equipment. Or you can finally finish remodeling the garage.

Upgrading to New Windows
Renovating your home with beautiful new windows before the winter season arrives can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Because the actual process is already labor-intensive, especially when installing large fixed windows, it pays to replace your windows in the fall before the harsh elements make things that much more difficult.


Also, the sooner you replace all of your windows, the greater the savings you can experience. It is no secret that old windows cause drafts, which lead homeowners to keep the temperature in their homes higher than needed. Click here to learn more about how new windows eliminate air leaks, costing you less on your utility bills.

There are plenty of styles to choose from, too. Picture windows have become quite popular in recent years. These are a type of fixed window usually used in high-rises due to their panoramic views. Casement windows have been growing in popularity as well. Whichever style you select, though, make sure that you hire a local installation company that provides warranties for its services and products.

Kitchen Renovations
It is completely normal if the thought of spending time with your family during the holiday season compels you to fix up your kitchen. Several popular projects include:


  • Replacing the Counter Top
  • Adding an Island
  • Replacing Old Appliances with ENERGY STAR Alternatives
  • Switching to a Gas Range


But, waiting until winter is nearly upon us to do any major renovations could pose a serious problem. You won’t be able to use your appliances, like the oven or the stove, until the project is completely finished.


Unless you can afford to eat out all the time or feed your family with take-out a few times a day, your best bet is to renovate the kitchen way before the cold settles in.


If you’re thinking about doing any renos this year, consider tackling them in the fall before the cold weather of winter sets in.




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