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Top Seven Ways to Protect Your Home

Did you know that every 15 seconds a home is burglarized in America? Shocking, right? In each burglary, the homeowner looses nearly $2,000 worth of stolen goods or experiences property damages. Sadly, burglary seems to be more common with the economic problems. People will do anything to make ends meet. Most people that experience a home break-in do not want to take out a claim on their homeowners insurance policy, so they usually have to deal with the loss. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your home, including the following seven.

1 – Prune Your Shrubs

Keep your shrubs, bushes, and trees trimmed. Regular pruning of your shrubs is a great way to deter burglars. If your plants are overgrown, it is easier for them to enter the premises of your home. They are less noticeable to your neighbors, and they probably have easier access to your windows.

2 – Close the Blinds

Keep your blinds closed, or invest in shades that will cover your windows. If someone can see inside your home, they are more likely to break in. They might see something of value that makes them want to enter. You can minimize the chance of burglary at your home by making it difficult for people to “window shop.”

3 – Use a Safe

In the event that someone does enter your home, make sure that your valuables are stored in Amsec safes. Wall safes are a great investment, and they are easy to hide from intruders. You can store several important items in this safe such as jewelry, cash, documents, credit cards, and more.

4 – Don’t Advertise New Purchases

When you buy something new, make sure to keep it quiet. If your neighbors know that you purchased a new TV or a new laptop, they might be likely to enter your home. Keep in mind that there are many ways you might be advertising this purchase. For example, if you display the boxes outside your home, then your neighbors will probably know that you bought something new. It is better to break them down or burn them.

5 – Get Motion Sensors

Light motions sensors are a great way to deter burglars during the nighttime. These lights come on when someone approaches your home. They will ensure that you do not have unwanted individuals lurking by your home.

6 – Set Timers on Indoor Lights

If you are gone a lot at night, it might be a good idea to set timers on your lights. You can have them turn on at certain times throughout the night. This will make it appear like you are home. Burglars don’t want to enter a home that is filled with people. When they see lights, they will probably move on.

7 – Reinforce Entry Points

Most of the time burglaries occur, people enter on the ground floor. This means that you can improve your safety by reinforcing the entry points in your homes. You can place additional locks on the doors and windows that make it more difficult for people to enter from the outside.

When you implement these seven suggestions, you can protect your home and valuables. In addition, the risk of a burglary will drop dramatically.

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