Top Tips when Buying Made to Measure Suits

Whether it is your first time wearing a tailored suit or not, it helps to know some important pointers to avoid common blunders. Who does not want to spend on a suit that will show their refined taste? Made to measure suits are popular options over ready to wear or bespoke because they offer the best of both worlds – the immediacy RTW offers and bespoke’s personalised measurements. Here’s what you have to remember when buying one.

Choose the Right Material

Worsted wool of 110 to 130 thread count is the best material for a suit. It is comfortable and durable but expensive. A good alternative is flannel, which is lighter than wool and is also durable. Cotton is also on top of the list for its dependability.

Be Careful with the Colour

Pick a colour that can enhance your appearance and match your identity. Dark navy blue is a popular option because it can remain compatible with any occasion and surrounding. Grey flannel is also an excellent choice for first-timers who want to stay on the safe side. It is smooth and contemporary, making you look like you are accustomed to wearing designer suits.

Know your Tailor

A good tailor will create your suit to fit your body perfectly. Apart from that, a competent tailor knows what fabric to use. You can ask him about the cut and style that suits you. You can ask for referrals from your trusted friends about professional tailors that offer made to measure suits.

Go for a Modern Classic Look

Many suit styles found online might tempt you to wear something trendy. However, it’s safe to keep it classic and let your tailor guide you.

Check the Return or Remake Policies

Many companies or tailors do not accept returns because the merchandise was created specifically for the buyer. Before choosing to buy from a specific tailor or store, check the return policy to make sure everything is clear in case something goes wrong.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Alterations when Necessary

Because the made to measure suit was created specifically for you, it will automatically fit you perfectly. But, sometimes poor fitting, incorrect measurements or an unsuitable garment get in the way. If this happens, you need to have the suit altered. Depending on your arrangement, you’ll have to take it to a tailor if you bought the suit from an online company and be reimbursed for the fees later.

MTM or made to measure suits are somewhat in the middle ground between ready to wear and bespoke suits. Even if they are popular options, there are limits to what MTM suits can achieve. Imperfections in fit and other aspects can happen since the suit is made from a block pattern and not a custom one.

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