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Top Tips When Moving into a New Apartment

The demand for apartments is growing each month as people are deciding to downsize. An apartment can provide you with comfort, simplicity, and amenities, just like living in a private home. According to the Huffington Post, many would-be homeowners are still renting since the great recession, while many are choosing to continue living in a rented apartment.


There are many reasons you might be thinking of moving. Maybe you are a student or leaving home for the first time. You may be in-between homes or waiting for a new home to be built. Regardless of your reasons, it can be a daunting task to find the right apartment for you or your family.


Location, price, and style all play a part in finding a new apartment that is right for you. Here are some great tips to help when you move to your new apartment.



Take Your Time


Give yourself plenty of time to pick out your new home. If you’re moving to a new location, then go online and read about the history of the city and become familiar with the area. You should locate where the closest bank, grocery stores, doctors, and any other important places.


You want to choose an apartment that you are comfortable living in. While the location is essential, you will also want to see the apartment before signing a lease. The apartment should feel like home. When you check out the apartment, it is a good idea to walk around and get a feel for the neighborhood.



Get to Know Your Landlord


Some apartments are owner-operated while others hire property managers to handle the renting and upkeep. They all have criteria and expectations of how the renting or leasing process happens. Make sure to read all the paperwork, read the fine print, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Be prepared for up-front costs, which will include a deposit and the first month’s rent. But there could be others. Some amenities cost extra, and there could be pet fees and registration.


Walkthrough inspections before you move in are crucial. You should make a note of any damages or faulty utilities. You can request that these issues be taken care of as well as having them documented, so you are not held responsible when you move out.


Be sure to understand the restrictions for breaking a lease. It is never a good idea to terminate a lease, but if circumstances come up that are unavoidable, you will want to know not only state laws but the rules that apply in your case.



Change Your Mailing Address


Before moving into your apartment, you will need to make sure you contact the post office for a change of mailing address request. You can stop at the College Park MI post office and pick up a change of address request form. Or you can go online to the USPS website and fill out the form.


After you request a change of address, you will also want to make sure you contact your bank, credit card companies, or any service that delivers to your house and give them your new mailing address. You should also give your new address to friends and families so they can send you letters, invitations to events and house warming gifts.



Make it Feel Like Home


When you move into a new apartment, you want to make it feel like home. Personalize your residence with a fresh coat of paint, but first, make sure to ask the landlord for permission. If you are bringing your own furniture when you move into the apartment, it will help to make it feel like home. Or maybe you want to change up your style and buy new furniture. Make sure to measure the space and door opening to the apartment to ensure that the new pieces will fit.


Hang up artwork and photographs to create a space that showcases you and your style. You can add special touches to the apartment with colorful throw pillows and blankets. Or maybe add a decorative rug to your living room space. The small details will make a big impact in your new apartment.

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