Travelling To Alaska: Three Reasons To Head North

Some people might wonder why anyone would want to visit Alaska. It’s cold. It’s harsh climate offers many challenges for the unprepared wanderer. It’s natives are subjected to six months of darkness every year. Well, contrary to popular belief, Alaska is a beautiful destination full of wildlife, culture, and even gold!  One of the best kept secrets of America, Alaska offers much to behold. You could visit a family of Orcas on the Bering Sea, visit the mining sites of the hit show Gold Rush, or capture an everlasting image of the illustrious Northern Lights.

Cruising The Bering Sea

Visiting Alaska doesn’t have to be a “chilling” adventure. There are plenty of different cruise lines that offer cruises of the Bering Sea in every season of the year. You can choose to cruise in the winter months or even the dead of the summer. Either way, the temperature won’t ever really top eighty. Cruising the Bering Sea offers the opportunity to sail with the seals, visit the bears feeding on clam along the shore, or stand amazed at the sight of an enormous Orca whale calmly travelling next to your vessel.

Witness The Gold Rush

You’ve seen the countless television shows documenting a few entrepreneur’s’ business journey and the search for hundreds of ounces of gold. We’ve all wished to walk in the shoes of the pros and make millions, but those are just pipe dreams. In reality, you can actually visit the mining sites featured on the show. You may even be lucky enough to sit and talk with some of the main characters of the reality series, and watch them utilize all sorts of drilling and mining machinery. Beyond being star struck, Rainbow Glacier Adventures will take you on a wide variety of different tours around Alaska. You can kayak down the waterways, spot eagles while visiting Chilkat Eagle Preserve, or roam the Skagway on a photography tour.

Capture The Northern Lights

Alaska can provide one of the best opportunities to view the evasive “Northern Lights” and their colorful bands of light that prance around the evening skies. People from all over the world makes plans to one day see the lights live and in person. So what is it exactly that makes this spectacle such an amazing experience.

Aurora Borealis typically occurs anywhere from sixty to seventy miles above the surface of the Earth. What most people see is a yellow and green tint, but the Northern Lights can produce blue, purple, and red patterns as well.

Even though the Northern Lights happen all the time, the sun of the summer in the area makes actually spotting them almost impossible. However, in the winter, the constant near darkness produces some stunning displays of colorful spectacles.

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