Uber Isn’t Just Uber—Five Uber Services You May Not Know About

When Uber hit the scene, it was touted for its ease of use. Today, it’s still easy to use! Simply open the app, request a ride, and one will be on the way within minutes.

Having been founded all the way back in 2009, you can’t expect them not to have expanded their service offerings after experiencing so much success. However, most people don’t realize just how many specialized services they offer.

Here are five you may not know about.


UberBlack is Uber’s most elite service. It caters to high-end executives and even celebrities. Rates are also two to four times higher than the basic Uber service. Because they’re striving for such a high-end, luxury feel, Black cars have to meet a few additional requirements that include:

  • Driving a luxury black sedan
  • A car that features leather interiors
  • Formal attire for drivers

Driving for this crowd also requires different strategies. For example, you’ll spend more time dropping them off at the airport during the wee hours of the morning than driving them from bar to bar on Saturday night.


If you want a luxury feel, but you don’t necessarily want to dish out the cash for UberBlack, you can give UberSelect a spin.

With UberSelect, you don’t have to worry about a beater Toyota Camry coming to pick you up. Instead, you can expect a mid-luxury vehicle, like a BMW or an Audi, to pick you up. Drivers can make more with these types of passengers as well.


If you don’t care about riding in style because you just want to get where you’re going, UberPool might be a better option.

Instead of calling a ride and taking it to your destination alone, UberPool allows the driver to pick up other passengers along your route. That means you might have to share the car with one or two other people, but because you all get to split the cost, it’s cheaper than any other Uber option.


UberX is great if you need a ride home or to the office, but what if you’re partying with the gang and you’re ready to head to the next bar?

UberXL costs more than UberX, but you can expect an SUV or a minivan to arrive at your location. That means an UberXL driver can transport up to six passengers instead of four.


Uber wants to make getting a ride easier for everyone, but reaching that goal isn’t easy. That’s especially the case when it comes to disabled riders.

That hasn’t stopped them though!

UberWav features vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs. Uber is even giving subsidized rides to those with disabilities to make their services even more affordable and convenient.

Uber offers a lot more than just a driver who can give you a ride. Today, there are many Uber options to choose from, and you can bet there will be even more options to choose from in the near future.


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