What Benefits Are There To A Teaching Job

In many areas of the country there is a worrying lack of teachers and it is something which the authorities are working hard to remedy. Education offers a great career for many, and there are a great deal of benefits to the specific role of teaching. I spoke recently with the educational mastermind Kevin Rolle, Chairman of Alabama University and a man who has dedicated his life to education. We spoke at length about how the country can urge more people to take on teaching as a profession and the benefits of the job itself. If you aren’t sure whether or not teaching is for you, here are just so of the benefits which you can expect to find in this career.

Personally Rewarding

The biggest benefit of this career is the immense personal reward that you will feel, knowing that you have helped to shape the mind, and ultimately the life, of many young people. Whilst the salary itself of being a teacher may not be the highest, the advantage of being able to feel such an incredible amount of satisfaction whenever one of your students makes an achievement, is something which cannot compared.


There aren’t too many positions which command instant respect in this world, but teaching inmost definitely one of them. Whilst you may not always get the respect which you are looking for from your students, within both the teaching community and the local community, you will most definitely have the respect of the people. The reason for this is that you are doing a remarkable job in helping young people to improve themselves, a job which really must be respected.


Regarding vacations, it is true that teachers can only take vacations when the students do, but they are also given more vacations per year than almost any other job. The summer break itself can be as long as 7 weeks and there are also at least 4 more weeks during the year which teachers have off. Occasionally teachers will need to spend some of this time preparing lessons, doing marking or doing training days, but the fact of the matter is that nobody gets as many holidays each year, as teachers do. The life of a teacher is not always easy and much of the work which they need to do, will take place in the comfort of their own home after the bell has rung. It is for this reason that teachers enjoy as many holidays as they do, and they deserve them.

Career Path

Teaching offers a great many benefits in terms of forging a successful career, within this profession you can find a stable job, which is not threatened by redundancy or anything like it. Teaching also offers you a great many opportunities to take on extra responsibility, and the chance to climb the ladder if you so wish, to become an assistant head, head of year, or even the school principal.

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