What Happens When You Stop Working with Your SEO Company?

More and more businesses that have an online presence, which is pretty much all of them, now work together with an SEO company in order to have their website found. What they are mainly interested in is how quickly they will be able to reach the first page of Google. Another important question is how that position will affect their brand. What few question, however, is what will happen when they stop working with the SEO company, or even stop doing SEO.

An SEO Company Keeps Your Rankings High

When you stop engaging in SEO, traffic to your website starts to drop. It does not do so instantly, however. In fact, traffic is likely to stay quite constant for several months. However, this doesn’t last. One element of Google’s algorithm is to check for fresh content, which means that you will become less relevant as time goes on. After a while, the only thing still keeping your rankings up is name recognition, and that doesn’t last forever either.

Why Traffic Falls

The main reason why your traffic drops is because your rankings will drop as well. High visibility is given to those who take on top place organically. The higher someone’s organic SERP (search engine result page), the higher their click through rate. Rankings start to drop because:

  1. No relevant, fresh content is produced, which is key to getting high rankings. Content is still king and it is unlikely that this will ever change, because it is the best way for Google to determine whether someone is still working on their site.
  2. You may stop SEO, your competition probably won’t. Indeed, your competition is looking at you and at what you are doing, and they will make sure that they can learn from your mistakes. If they see you have a drop in rankings because you’ve stopped working with an SEO company, they will likely invest more.
  3. Google regularly changes their algorithm. This means that the things you had in place to get you to the first page suddenly don’t carry as much weight anymore, and you have to respond to their new changes and additions.
  4. You main website lead will be your web designer. Web designers need to do things such as use Javascript, which Google hates. The result is that, if anything is still changed or updated to your website after you stop SEO, it will be to your detriment.

In Conclusion

You need to see SEO like a workout. If you go to the gym every day, and you suddenly stop, it will take a while before your strength and stamina is reduced. It will take even longer before the visible part of your work, such as your toned muscles, will start to drop, particularly if you do still eat a healthy diet. But eventually, it will happen. The conclusion, clearly, is that you shouldn’t stop SEO if you have any intention of remaining relevant.

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