What is it That Makes The Perfect Beauty Clinic?

I was chatting to a friend last week who had recently moved house and who was on the look out for a new beauty clinic. My friend knew that I had found a really good clinic and wanted to know how I had found it. In truth, I was lucky enough to find the Sono Bello reviews online, which was how I ended up there, but in terms of what makes a great beauty clinic, I wasn’t really sure what to tell my friend. It is too general to just say that a clinic should ‘feel’ good, and so I thought about it at length and I think I have a bit of a better answer.

Treatment Options

The first thing to consider is the options available to you in terms of treatment. On a personal level, I much prefer to go to the same clinic for the majority of my treatments, rather than flitting between two or three salons to get what I need. I guess for you personally, it comes down to what kind of treatments you usually go in for, and then checking to see whether the clinic of your choice offers what you are looking for.


Naturally we all want high quality treatments when we go for a beauty day, after all the idea is that you will come out looking, and feeling great. Unfortunately you will have to suck it and see when it comes to how good the treatments are in your chosen clinic, but you can do some investigation first. Make sure that you read the online reviews or speak to people who also go to the the salon you are looking at.


When I go for a beauty day at the salon, it is not just about having some treatments done and making myself feel and look better, but also the social side of things. I love that in my salon, all of the staff know me and they all love to have a chat about what has been going on, both in my life and the lives of others. In truth, much of the reason why I go to the salon is to find out the local gossip!


The salon itself, in terms of its design and general feel, is also very important in terms of what to look for in a great beauty clinic. I have been to some salons in small premises with feel very cluttered, and others which feel so spacious that you actually feel quite disconnected. I think that the general environment is really important and you should feel comfortable, relaxed and happy to spend some time in the salon. Again, you will only really know this once you have been for a treatment in the salon but make sure that if you aren’t happy, that you actively look for somewhere that will make you feel more comfortable.

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