What’s the Best Way to Visit Breckenridge with Kids

Looking for ideas on where to spend your next family vacation? Look no further than Colorado’s Breckenridge in the Rocky Mountains. Apart from offering an abundance of winter sports and activities, there are also several breckenridge vacation rentals to stay in. Keep reading and discover how to get the most out of a short break in this mountainous resort with your kids.

Breckenridge is a Fantastic Place for Kids

Despite its appearance, Breckenridge offers much more than just skiing and snowboarding. There are several things to keep everyone interested during both the winter and summer months. In the winter, you can bring your kids to ski school or take them on dog sledging expeditions. When the snow melts, it becomes a haven for hikers and outdoor activities. And that’s not all. The rich history and heritage of the town’s former gold mining past will appeal to visitors of all ages. You might even get to explore the old mines and pan for gold in the river. As a bonus, you’re probably not going to be the only family in Breckenridge regardless of the time of year. This gives you the chance to meet others and for the kids to make new friends.

The Best Family-Friendly Activities in Breckenridge

Let’s look at some of the top activities in Breckenridge for the whole family to enjoy. The best time of the year to visit is usually around Christmas. Snow blankets the town creating a winter wonderland and a perfect environment to kick-start the festivities. The first thing most people do in Breckenridge is to make the most out of the opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding. If your children are old enough, bring your equipment and plan which slopes you’re going to visit. For the younger kids, book them a few lessons at one of the ski schools.

Not everyone wants to spend their time on the pistes. As an alternative, you can bring the little ones to the rink for a few hours of ice skating. Both an indoor and outdoor arena are available, which is open every single day of the year including during the holidays and on Christmas Day. Another favourite thing to do is ride the Winter Gold Runner Alpine Coaster. The roller-coaster twists and bends over more than half a kilometre of tracks. Carts speed along giving the little ones an exciting experience. You can find this coaster on Breckenridge’s peak nine.

Other things to do include sledging in Carter Park, learning how to play hockey and spending the day at the Breckenridge Recreation Centre. The third choice is popular with parents whose children are too young or inexperienced to go skiing with them. Children over the age of ten can go to the recreation centre where they can use the climbing walls, play sports and generally have a fantastic time. According to some parents, this can be a lifesaver.

Things Every Parent Should Know Before Bringing Their Kids to Breckenridge

The most central part of all family vacations is to have a plan. When you turn up and hope for the best, it increases the chance of something going wrong. Breckenridge needs more pre-thought compared to other destinations. First, consider what time of the year you’re going to visit. If you want to go at Christmas, make sure you book accommodation and tickets for the attractions in advance. The next thing is to plan the logistics. Have a rough idea of what days you want to go skiing and when you want to do some of the other activities. You should also be aware that some attractions and tours might not be available at the time of the year you’re visiting.

Another bonus of planning is that you might be able to take advantage of some of the free admission days. Some attractions have reduced ticket prices on certain days of the month. If you’re lucky, you could end up saving a fortune. If you want to visit multiple attractions, there might be a day pass available at a discount price. While this isn’t a top priority, the money saved might pay for that lovely family lunch in the fancy restaurant.

Find out as much about Breckenridge as you can before taking your vacation. Know the average temperatures and make sure you bring appropriate clothes. If you want to go skiing as a family, make sure you know which peaks are the best for your circumstance. It’s also a good idea to prepare all the equipment the night before to avoid getting stressed out on the day. Free shuttle buses pass between the popular ski lifts during peak season. Find out the times and make sure you don’t miss the bus or you might be faced with cold and cranky kids!

And finally, be aware that the mountains and ski slopes can be a dangerous place. Renew travel insurance and make sure everyone follows all the safety precautions. The medical facilities at Breckenridge might only be able to patch up a few cuts and bruises. You would almost certainly have to get to Denver to receive proper treatment. This means you need to avoid accidents at all costs. It doesn’t hurt to make sure the insurance will be accepted in Denver if you’re from out of state too.

A Perfect Family Holiday

There are lots of family activities in Breckenridge to suit families with children of all ages. Whether you want to hit the skiing slopes and go ice skating or just soak up the atmosphere of the gold mining town, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this resort.

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