Where Can You Find Poultry Farms For Sale?

Walk into your local real estate agent’s office and ask if they have any poultry farms for sale and they’ll probably lay an egg themselves or think you’re clucking mad.  Let’s face it not many poultry farms go up for sale, and if you’re after poultry farms for sale, you’re going to struggle to find one locally unless you have a network within the industry.

Locating Poultry Farms For Sale

Thankfully there are a couple of online agents that specialize in farm land and countryside properties that have listings across the USA for cattle ranches, poultry farms, a broiler farm, agricultural land, hunting land, or a lakeside cabin.  These agents work with a large network of real estate agents across the country to list these types of farms and land plots, so that discerning buyers have plenty of options.

What to Consider When Buying a Poultry Farm

Of course before deciding on which poultry farm to buy there are several considerations.  The first being whether you also want a piece of land which has a residence.  Some farms already have residences which are still occupied and will continue to be occupied by the original land owners.  The farm land has been packaged as a separate land lot and sold separately.  You may struggle to get rights for building more residential properties on the land if there is already one registered on the original plot.

A further consideration is whether the land is already housing a functional poultry farm that comes as part of the purchase.  A turn key poultry business may cost more to purchase but will have immediate returns compared to a piece of land where you will need to build facilities and purchase chickens, hire staff etc.  It may be at least six months before you make a dime on a greenfield site, so bear this in mind, whether you have the cash flow to sustain a start up period.

Also consider access to the property, whether transports can reach the property, as this might become an issue as soon as you want deliveries or need to ship your product, if not considered early on before purchase it could easily be missed and an expensive mistake to come back from.

If there is already a poultry farm on the site, why are they selling?  It might be that their buyers have relocated, or perhaps there has been concerns about land usage in that area recently.  By doing your research prior to the purchase you will be prepared to change the business model if required once you take over.

Other types of farms and ranches available you may also consider include cattle farms, hog farms, broiler farms, organic farms, hobby farms, vegan farms, ranches, mixed use farms, agricultural land, vineyards, and many other land use plots.

Always look long term with your purchase, what does this location offer, perhaps you could carve off some land for a separate use, add residential property, or have holiday lets.

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