Why Are Tech Giants Thriving Due To The Global Pandemic

Whilst the rest of the world and economy is on its knees and struggling to get through the current climate still a float, it seems as if the biggest technology giants are somewhat thriving due to a handful of factors and today we access those and why the exponential growth of tech isn’t due to slow down.

[Image: Bloomberg]

Companies like Amazon, an E-commerce marketplace, have specifically benefitted in 2020 due to many consumers worried about the virus spreading rates and have therefore been reluctant to leave the house to do their grocery shopping when they can just do it online. In fact, Amazon have seen such a rise in demand for their online products that they have had to hire 100,000 new workers to ensure they can hit demand. Because of this, and due to Amazon’s impressive service, many consumers won’t revert back to going into shops when they realise how easy and safe it is to do it online.

With people being told to work from home and to stay away from others through social distancing, the pandemic has made many of us rely on online services considerably more than we did previously, explaining the growth of tech companies. Another industry that has benefitted from the pandemic is that of online casinos – in fact, here at The Best Casinos, they have really capitalised on this growing trend as they have increased their deposit matches and also improved their welcome bonuses for all new customers and taken this surge of demand by storm.

Another online service that has benefitted from this period of uncertainty has been online streaming services such as Netflix and Disney +. Due to the shutdown of movie theatres, this is sending many film fanatics to these online streaming services. In recent years, box office sales have been affected by these types of services due to the low cost and convivence and now due to the pandemic they’ve been affect further.

Other online services that are experiencing similar rises in traffic during the height of the lockdown are those of Zoom, Skype and other Wifi video-calling services. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has claimed that voice and/or video calling has doubled during Q2 and Q3 of 2020 and that this trend is only growing further with the continued social distancing restrictions.

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