Why More Men Should Be Wearing a Jockstrap

When it comes to jockstraps, you’re probably familiar with them from your high school glory days of playing sports. Suiting up for the big football or lacrosse game typically involved shoulder pads, shin guards, and most importantly… a jockstrap.


But after your competitive sports days of high school and college days are over, jockstraps tend to become a thing of the past. Most men assume that if they aren’t playing contact sports, there is no need to wear a jockstrap.


It turns out that this is not the case. In 2019, jockstraps are finally making a comeback. Here’s what more and more men are realizing about the benefits of wearing a jockstrap in their day-to-day lives.


Jockstraps offer an optimal amount of support.


The main reason for the creation of jockstraps back in the 1800’s was just this: support. They were actually initially invented for bicycle delivery boys as a way to keep their “package” in place. Constantly riding around on a bicycle can quickly become uncomfortable down there, and jockstraps alleviated this discomfort and offered support.


Eventually men everywhere, not just bicycle delivery boys, began to catch on to the benefits of the jockstrap. They became a necessity in sporting events, and some men even swear by them for their daily life. Jockstraps are by far the best way to provide support.


Believe it or not, they can actually be extremely comfortable.


Long gone are the days of stiff and rigid uncomfortable jockstraps that only serve a purpose in contact sports. Jockstrap designs now focus on comfort and movement. Unlike other underwear styles like boxers and briefs, a jockstrap won’t ride up or grab and scratch you in the wrong places.


Another perk of wearing a jockstrap is the freedom you’ll free. While your junk is more protected, your backside will be left completely open and you’ll actually have room to breathe. It might feel unnatural at first, but trust us when we way you’ll quickly learn to love it.


They are significantly cheaper than your average men’s underwear.


It only makes sense that jockstraps cost less on average than other underwear styles. They require much less fabric than your average underwear, so no wonder they are cheaper in general. If you want an economically friendly pair of underwear, a jockstrap is the best option.


So where should you buy your comfortable, sexy, affordable jockstrap?


There is one men’s designer underwear brand that stands out amongst the rest: Marco Marco. Their jockstraps in particular are designed for maximum support with minimal coverage. Each jockstrap at Marco Marco is made with breathable fabric and features a stretchy elastic waistband.


In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with a jockstrap. You shouldn’t assume that the only place for this style of underwear is at the gym. Even in the office or at home, the jockstrap does it all. After they get used to it, men describe the jockstrap as freeing, comfy, and they’ve even experience more in the department of sex appeal.

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