Why Strive for Interdependence in Your Relationship

The company called Interdependence is a healthy investment for any business. The same goes for interdependence in relationships. Having an interdependent relationship is completely different from having an emotionally dependent relationship. Emotional dependence means that one person depends on another entirely, in a way that is extremely unhealthy.


There is a lot of debate on how to effectively achieve an interdependent relationship, but there is no question that the first step is finding a partner who is supportive. After that, do your best not to rely on your significant other for financial, emotional, and physical support. Of course, it is important to be there for one another, but the key to interdependence is understanding how to live on your own, while together.


Recognize Your Own Emotions


When becoming a part of a relationship, differentiating your own personal emotions for the emotions of your loved one can be difficult. If your spouse of partner feels sad, you might feel sad as well. The same goes for anger, happiness, jealousy, and distress. A major relationship issue is experiencing emotions in the same way as your loved one.


Of course, it is completely OK to feel joyful or sad together. However, try to differentiate your emotions from the emotions of your partner. Although you are both a part of the same relationship, you are not the same person. Therefore, you should not always experience the same exact emotions.


Bustle says that “learning how to establish a sense of self is vital to helping you grow as an individual. You want to learn how to recognize your own emotions for situations where you need to stand up for yourself and make quick decisions when your partner isn’t available.” If you are always feeling the same emotions as your partner, it will become extremely difficult to actually understand your own emotions.


Spend Time Alone


You know those couples who spend every waking moment together? Try to avoid this at all costs. It’s a wonderful thing to want to be around your partner, but it is also a wonderful thing to spend time alone. When falling deeply in love, losing your sense of self is possible, so the best way to avoid this from happening is to spend time on your own.


Understand Your Partner’s Point of View, But Form Your Own Opinions


We’re not saying that you need to constantly be playing devil’s advocate, but don’t just conform to your partner’s opinions and perspectives. Hold on to your own values and morals, especially if you strive for an interdependent relationship. Listen to what your partner has to say on a top, then discuss your own views on the same topic. It is completely OK to disagree on a few things, in fact it’s healthier this way.


Keep Your Special Hobbies to Yourself


Just as we already mentioned, keeping a strong sense of self can be difficult in a relationship. A major reason for this is because we tend to share everything with our partners, including our passions, opinions, and hobbies. Share what you will, but try and keep one hobby for you and only you. That could mean attending a weekly yoga class or hanging out with friends on your own.

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