Why The AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews Are So Positive

Colleges have a difficult time getting good feedback from their students and ex-students, simply because each and every one of them has a different experience to the next, and no two students look back on their time at college in the same way. Furthermore humans are far more inclined to take to the internet to leave negative reviews, rather than talking about how great a certain experience was. In the case of AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts reviews  however, we see a catalogue of positive experiences and ex-students who have paid tribute to the art college as launching their career. So what is it that AMDA do so well that causes their students to speak so highly about their experience there? Let’s take a look.


Quality of Teachers


Something which many students talk about when it comes to their experience at AMDA is the high quality of the teachers who work there. AMDA have a tight recruitment process which ensures that anyone who wants to work here is of the very highest caliber. Those who work for AMDA have worked on Broadway blockbusters, movie sets and with some of the world’s best entertainers, which is why they are able to bring so much to the table when it comes to helping students. These tutors and professors are teaching based on their own rich experience and that helps the students get the most from their course.




AMDA is a place which can be brutal if you are not prepared to work hard to achieve excellence and it is the integrity of the college which so many students come to respect and look back on with fondness. Many art colleges fail in this regard and they often make false promises to poor students, giving then hope where there is none. Here at AMDA they will work tirelessly to help you reach your full potential but if you just aren’t good enough then they will let you know exactly what they think. The world of arts is just like this so AMDA are doing their students a great service by recreating the attitudes which students will find in the real world.




The two AMDA colleges are based in Los Angeles ad New York, both cities are not cheap to live in and they can be tough places for students to stay. The colleges however do all that they can to help student’s lives, giving them low cost accommodation options and ensuring that the location of their campuses are close to transport links and offer a wide range of options to keep costs down.


The reason why so many speak highly about this college is because they offer the very best tutors, they uphold honesty and integrity as cornerstones of all that they do, and their campuses are right in the heart of two of the most artistic cities in the world.

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