Your Android App Needs a Full Service Developer

Like Windows in the personal computers market, Android has managed to obtain a huge market share over competitor smartphones largely based on the wide variety of devices that are available for the platform. No matter what your tastes, preferences, or budget, there is an Android phone available to meet your specific needs. But the wide variety of devices on offer means that ensuring compatibility can often be a challenge for developers. When you can’t even be sure what version of the latest Google operating system is being run by your customers, let alone what the hardware of their devices are capable of, it’s a challenge to ensure that they get a comparable experience despite the technical limitations.

Full Service Mobile Developer

That’s why you need to hire a full service mobile developer for your Android app. You need a firm that is experienced dealing with the technical nuances and variations of the various major smartphones while also retaining a team of talented developers to not only respond to the newest challenges but to continuously provide the innovative features and design that your product needs to stand out in an extremely crowded market. It’s not just solid coding and good, basic idea that leads to success in the mobile environment anymore – having a successful Android app means putting an equal emphasis on hiring developers and designers who know not only what the market is like now, but can anticipate the changes that are coming in the next six-to-fifteen months, so that your app is never in danger of falling behind.

Mobile Development Experience

A good full service developer, like Clearbridge Mobile in Toronto, which has years of experience producing applications for the Android platform, will not only be able to help you conceive and code your new app, but will provide end-to-end servicing and quality assurance so that you don’t have to worry about its potential hardware or operating conflicts (or about falling behindin terms of industry-wide features!) and can instead focus on your core business. They’ve consistently worked with major Fortune 500 companies like Disney, PayPal, Wall Street Journal, and Dow Jones because of this holistic approach to app design and maintenance. When you commission a firm like Clearbridge Mobile to do your development for you, you can rest assured that you will be fully in charge of directing the process but without needing to take on any additional stress or worry.

When entering into any kind of partnership with a mobile development company,you want to be sure that they have the experience and talent to meet your needs. You also want to know that they are available to update and provide technical fixes to your product as necessary – which is even more crucial in the extremely vibrant Android ecosystem. You should consider only firms, like Clearbridge Mobile, that offer a full range of development services, so you don’t have to worry about the headache of project maintenance and coordination. That way you be absolutely sure that your application will help, rather than hinder, your core business.

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