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Your Essential Guide to the Different Costs Involved in Planning a Move

When you move to a new location, it involves a lot of planning, time, and effort. Aside from sorting through all your belongings and packing, you have to deal with the actual costs of the move itself. And moving can involve certain expenses that are non-negotiable. So, what are the costs involved in planning a move? How can you have a better idea of the expenses for which you need to prepare? Here’s your essential guide to the different costs involved in planning a move.

The cost of the removals firm

If you are simply planning to hire a van for your move, then you don’t really have much expense to think about – the cost of such can be as low as £100. But this is only feasible if you are living in a one-bedroom or studio flat and don’t have too much stuff to speak of, and are living on the ground floor to boot. If you have a two-bedroom or three-bedroom home, the usual cost for hiring a removals company would be from £400 to £600, more if your home is bigger or if you have more items and need more help.

The cost of removals insurance

If the removals firm you choose is insured, then all’s well and good. But if you’re moving your items on your own, you may want to check out insurance cover. You can also confirm if your current policy for home insurance can give cover for your move, as some policies will do if you’ve hired a professional firm such as Advanced Removals & Storage, a removal company from Cheltenham which also services surrounding areas in Gloucester as well as additional Bristol, Worcester, and Swindon.

The cost of cleaning

When you are renting a property, you may be required to have it cleaned when you move. If not, you may end up compromising your tenancy or lease agreement and you may be charged with the expense of professional cleaners. It’s better to have this done yourself so you have more control over the cost.

The cost of redirecting your mail

Royal Mail offers a ‘change of address’ service, which redirects your mail when you move. This service can be availed of for 1 month, 3 months, half a year, or a year.

The extra costs of moving day

There are also some expenses you may incur on moving day, such as daycare for your children or pet kennels or pet daycare. You should also think about expenses for food (particularly if you can’t cook for a day or two) and the cost of petrol from your old location to your new one, especially if the distance between the two is considerable. All that being said, good luck with your move!

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