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5 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If your next home decor goal is to transform the look and feel of your living room, simply continue reading to discover 5 fun living room interior design ideas from Gary G Friedman, which are well worth trying out for yourself. As you’ll be surprised at how making a few carefully thought out changes to your living room, will quickly give your outdated living a whole new lease on life.

5 Living Room Interior Design Ideas:

1. Disguise your large, flat screen television using a custom built cabinet

If you don’t want your large, flat screen television to be the focal point of your primary living area, you may want to consider hiring a cabinet builder to build a custom built cabinet to house your television inside. Better yet, your chosen cabinet builder can even build your television cabinet in your choice of wood. Such as maple or oak.

2. Hang a large mirror over your fireplace in order to make your room appear larger than it is

One way to insantly make your home appear larger than it is is to hang a large oversized mirror over your fireplace.

3. Purchase an ottoman to instantly add a touch of class to your living room

One way to make your home look classier is to invest in a stylish ottoman which you can use as a footrest for your sofa or chaise or an extra chair, during house parties. Some ottomans also open up and reveal hidden storage space, which is ideal if you’re always running out of storage space.

4. Invest in stylish new drapes for your living room

If you’re looking for an effective way to give your whole living room a brand new look, simply invest in hanging brand new drapes in your living room. As nothing will make your living room look more dated than tired, faded curtains. If you’re interested in purchasing eye-catching drapes which will dress up your living room, you may even be interested in investing in heavy, velvet drapes. In a dark rich hue such as forest green, navy or burgundy.

5. Purchase a new rug

If you don’t fancy the idea of having to replace your carpet simply purchase a new rug, which you can use to add a splash of much-needed color to your living room! If you’re interested in purchasing a rug, you may want to opt for a large Turkish style rug, if your living room has a traditional look and feel. Alternatively, if your living room has a more modern decor style, you may want to opt for a textured rug such as a shaggy rug.

6. Consider purchasing one of a kind, antique pieces of furniture

Another way to transform your living room is to invest in a few antique pieces of furniture. Such as an antique coffee table or chest. Which you can use to add character to your living room.

So if you’re excited about the prospect of transforming your tired, out-dated living room, it’s well worth experimenting with a few of the design tips listed above.

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