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Tips on enhancing neighborhoods

Whether you’re simply a resident who is looking for effective new ways to improve your neighborhood or you’re a community planner who is in charge of planning for your community’s future, simply continue reading to discover a variety of innovative tips from Pedro Martin Terra Group to enhance your neighborhood, through careful planning.

Tips on enhancing neighborhoods through careful planning:

1. Consider setting up a community garden

If your community has spare public space which could be used to create a community garden, which will be able to produce fresh fruit and vegetables for your neighborhood, it’s well worth asking your local council if they’ll let you set up a community garden on the land in question. If your council won’t allow you to the use the land you have in mind, it’s well worth asking them whether there is a space of vacant land, which they are happy for you to use instead.

Not only will setting up a community garden, encourage your neighbors to eat fresh, healthy, affordable fruit and vegetables but it will also create opportunities for neighbors to work together for the common good.

2. Create a calendar of fun-filled social events for your community

Another way to enhance your local community is to reach out to individuals and local clubs, to create fun-filled social events to bring your community together.

3. Try to get trees and flowers planted in public spaces

One way to ensure that your neighborhood is a more attractive area to spend time in, is to talk to your local council, to see if they would be willing to plant new trees and flowers in your neighborhood’s public spaces.

Alternatively, you may want to encourage your neighbors to plant new trees and flowers in their front yards. You may even want to run a competition which will offer a generous prize for the number one rated front yard, which enters your competition. If you’re interested in this particular idea, it’s well worth reaching out to a local garden supplies store, to see if they’ll sponsor your innovative competition.

4. Run community events to clean up public spaces

It’s well worth organizing regular meetups, where members of your community will work together to tidy up a public space such as a local beach or park. Examples of some of the tasks which your group may want to consider handling include removing graffiti from the walls of public buildings and collecting trash from your local beach or park.

5. Encourage business owners to set up shop in your community

Another way to enhance your community is to try to convince businessmen and women to set up shop in your local community. Better yet, it’s well worth encouraging potential cafe and restaurant owners, to open up new eateries in your community.

So whether you’re simply a proud resident of a great community who is interested in enhancing your community or you’re a professional community planner, it’s definitely worth taking all five community enhancement tips listed above to heart. In order to take your community to the next level!

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